Edmour Giguere – Owning a Business

When Edmour Giguere started his contracting business, he knew that great customer service was important.  He makes sure to put his clients first, and caters to their needs. Customer service is a highly important part of every small business. It’s very important for the company’s success to be able and willing to properly service their customers. There are a few key variables that set excellent customer service apart from mediocre customer service. A company that applies a focused customer service model will often have a great advantage over its competitors.

Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere

Training is essential for achieving excellent customer service in a workplace. Customer service employees should be fully trained on the product features, technical aspects, prices and warranties. A company’s customer service department must operate as efficiently as its sales, marketing and other departments.

Another factor that sets the bar for excellent customer service is acknowledging a customer’s question in a timely manner.  Customers expects to be able to reach the customer service department to answer their questions when they call. When the caller reaches a customer service agent, they expect that the person is knowledgeable enough to answer their question. Customers also want to be treated with respect and valued.

Edmour Giguere enjoys working in the construction field and providing each client with the best product possible. He and his team of professionals make sure to offer the top services and products in the industry. He is striving to increase his customer base and grow his company in the future.