Edmour Giguere – Tips for Working in the Real Estate Industry

Edmour Giguere is a dedicated individual who believes in the work he does for the sake of his professional career, and how that work positively impacts the lives of others in his community. He has been working in the real estate and construction industry for several years, and currently operates his own business in Wayne, New Jersey. He is a sales professional with a great deal of successful experience under his belt, and he even trains other sales professionals looking to make their mark in the industry. Although he is committed to the success of his career, he never seems to lose track of what is most important in his life: his family. As a single father, much of the success he has achieved professionally was for the sake of providing for his son.

Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere has been working in the real estate industry for years, and he understands what it takes to be successful. Construction and real estate are extremely competitive industries, but if you have a company devoted to client care and satisfaction, your reputation will help you achieve your goals in the field. Building a solid reputation is the key to success for any company, but in an industry like real estate or construction, it is important to have your clients’ trust in order to make the job go much more smoothly. Here are some tips for operating in the real estate industry.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you’re working in the real estate industry, especially if you’re involved in sales or closing deals, is understanding who your client is. In order to be successful as a general contractor or real estate professional, you have to know who you’re dealing with in order to provide them with the things they need. They are looking to your, the expert, to help them make decisions, which means you have to know who you’re dealing with specifically. Everyone client wants something different, so don’t assume anything about the customer.

In addition to understanding your client in the construction or real estate industry, you’ll also want to gain your clients’ trust. This is done through establishing your reputation in the industry, and being able to maintain that reputation through hard work and client satisfaction. If your customers trust you, they will be more likely to recommend your services to friends, family, or anyone else considering real estate changes.

Edmour Giguere is dedicated to the success of his professional career in the real estate industry, which is why he makes sure he understands who he’s dealing with, and that they trust him to help them make the right decisions. Holding true to these tips will help ensure the success of your professional career in the field.



Edmour Giguere – 2 Differences between Subcontractors and General Contractors

Contractors and subcontractors are both important professionals on a construction site. Edmour Giguere often works with both when he takes on a construction project. He is the owner of Giguere Construction and works hard to offer his clients their dream homes. General contractors and subcontractors both work to complete a construction project but have several major differences.

Edmour Giguere

General contractors are hired by a home owner or building owner. Their role is to oversee the construction process and to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Subcontractors are hired by the general contractor. They often do not meet with the owner, and work directly with the general contractor. The general contractors manage all of the other workers on the site. They are the acting supervisors and are responsible for the completion of the entire project. Subcontractors are only responsible for their own smaller project on the site.

A general contractor has a varied knowledge in construction. They are often able to perform most construction duties. Subcontractors are specialized. These professionals can be electricians, plumbers, engineers, and more. They are often hired to complete a specific task that is related to their specialty. A general contractor will hire subcontractors if the project is too big for him or her to complete, or if there is an issue with the wiring or the plumbing.

Giguere Construction works with general contractors as well as subcontractors. Edmour Giguere understands the importance of both of these professionals and that they are both required in order to complete a project on time.

Edmour Giguere – What Does it Mean to be a Contractor?

Contractors are valuable professionals who help the construction process. Edmour Giguere is a skilled construction professional who runs Giguere Construction. He believes in giving his customers the homes that they dream of and understands the importance of trust on a construction project. General contractors have a lot of responsibility and work closely with homeowners in order successfully finish their projects.

Edmour Giguere

General contractors work directly with the home owners. When a family decides to renovate their home, they will often contact a general contractor or a construction firm. In many cases, they will work directly with one professional throughout their entire project. The general contractor will be working in that family’s home, and will be directing their project. Therefore, that professional will need to be able to build trust and rapport with the home owners. A general contractor needs to be a knowledgeable construction professional as well as a great customer service provider.

A general contractor is usually in charge of the entire construction site. He works with subcontractors, builders, and other professionals to make sure that the work is getting done on time. He also needs to check on the quality of the work to make sure it is up to the home owners’ standards. General contractors have a lot of responsibility on a project site and are the main liaisons between the home owners and the rest of the workers.

Giguere Construction is a reputable firm in Wayne, New Jersey. Edmour Giguere works with general contractors and other professionals to give his clients high quality work in a timely manner.

Edmour Giguere – How to Make your Home Safe

Having a safe home is a top priority for most families. Edmour Giguere owns Giguere Construction, and works hard to help people make their homes safe. He is dedicated to his clients and he is an ambitious business man. He has worked in construction for years, and is always happy to discuss home safety with his clients. There are a few steps every homeowner should take to ensure that their house is sound.

Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere

Electrical wiring can be a major safety concern, especially in older houses. If you are moving into an older home, or if you are renovating your home, ask your general contractor to check your houses wiring. If a previous homeowner patched the wiring themselves, or if the wiring has not been updated in several years, you could be living with a fire hazard. Rewiring your home can be costly, but the safety of your family is worth it.

If you have an older home, ask a professional to review your foundation. This is especially important if you live in an area that has extreme weather or earthquakes. It is important to check your foundation for cracks or sloping every few years.

If your home has an unfinished attic, make sure to have a professional inspect if every few years. These areas are susceptible to pests as well as water damage. If you do not go up into the attic, you could have a small leak up there and never know about it. Ask a professional, such as , such as Edmour Giguere to check these spaces in order to make sure that they are safe and do not need any beams replaced.

Edmour Giguere – Are you Ready to Renovate

A renovation can be a scary step, but can have a major impact on your future. Edmour Giguere is a talented and skilled construction professional who runs his own business. Giguere Construction offers its clients their dream home, and is always ready to take on a renovation. Some people may fear the idea of renovating their house and living in chaos for months on end, however, a remodel can have several positive effects.

Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere

As your family grows, your house may become a little less functional. If you feel like you are running out of space, or that your house no longer works for your family, consider a remodel. Finishing your basement or adding another bathroom can greatly improve your day to day life. It is important for your family to be comfortable in your home. If you are not ready to find a new house, you should think about investing a little money into your current home so that your family can continue living comfortably for the next few years.

An investment in your home is a good investment. If you think it is time to upgrade your home, hire a good contractor, and invest a little money into your house. Upgrade your kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. These upgrades can improve the value of your house, which will greatly benefit you when you decide to sell.

Edmour Giguere believes that everyone deserves a beautiful and comfortable home. He works hard to take care of his customers and to give them their dream home.

Edmour Giguere – Increasing a Home’s Value

Edmour Giguere is an experienced contractor who has worked with clients to remodel their homes, thus increase their value. He understands that some remodeling jobs can be very effective when it comes to adding to a home’s value. For example, a homeowner is less likely to recoup their investment in a major kitchen or bathroom remodel job, but get back what they spent on basic home maintenance such as new siding.

Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere

Presently, the most frequent remodeling jobs are on bathrooms and kitchens. These are the two areas where people can easily notice that money was spent on fixtures, etc. What should you look at improving when you redo your kitchen or bathroom? Try to stay traditional by using all-wood cabinets, natural wood floors, commercial-look appliances and stone countertops. Many people are choosing to lean away from the old school whirlpool tubs and choose walk-in showers in bathrooms. Many homeowners are forgoing the tub to have a big walk-in shower instead.

The first priority of any homeowner should be keeping the existing structure sound. What good is having a pretty new kitchen when the home has leaking pipes in the basement? The best money spent on any home is in the structure itself.

Edmour Giguere has worked with countless home owners to make their home both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. He knows the how to get the most for your money when it comes to remodeling a home. He works to stay within each client’s budget and parameters.

Edmour Giguere – Family Owned Businesses

Edmour Giguere is a single father who has worked hard to raise his son. His son is trying to learn the construction business inside and out. The company is family-owned and operated. Giguere’s plan to one day leave it to his son. There are many advantages to owning a family operated business. Family owned businesses tend to be smaller, which can lead to more specialized services. Working with family will often allow you to wear more hats and tackle a variety of assignments.

Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere

In general, a family owned business tends to treat their staff like one of the family. They include the staff in decisions more often and celebrate the holidays together. This can be the perfect environment for the right person. If you are someone who likes a more corporate structure, than a family-owned business environment may not be for you.

Another positive quality in a business that’s run by family is that the environment tends to be easier going and forgiving when it comes to work schedules, mistakes and the employee’s own family situations. In a family business, you might get the ability to work a more flexible schedule or even part-time hours.

Edmour Giguere likes the fact that he can work side-by-side with his family and share his knowledge in the construction field. He wants to build a successful business that can be left to the future generations. He is so happy that his son shares in his vision and wants to work hard to ensure its future success.