Edmour Giguere – Single Parenting

Single parents are a rare breed that have the ability to get the job done. Edmour Giguere, a single parent and business owner from New Jersey, lost his wife in 2004 and has been caring for his son on his own for over 12 years. Although being a single parent can be difficult at times, for Giguere, caring for his son has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life and he considers his son to be his world. Despite the struggle, many single parents share this sentiment and believe their efforts are worth the reward of watching their children grow and become success adults.

Edmour Giguere

For many, parenthood comes with a slew of responsibility in which they may or may not be prepared. An onslaught of new financial woes, sickness, teaching, and giving undivided attention (which isn’t always available) can be enough to drive any couple to the brink of insanity. For the single parent, though, there is little release from these woes and no one close enough to truly share the struggle.

When parenting solo, a person experiences a high level of stress at times that may seem unavoidable. Although a person may never be able to completely avoid the added pressure of single parenthood, subduing unnecessary stress can allow a mother or father to focus on what matters most to him or her, the child.

1. Find support. Despite the fact that you are caring for your child on your own you are not alone. There are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States raising over 22 million children. That’s a lot of people in the same boat doing their own thing. Join support groups, have play dates, and make friends.

2. Take care of yourself. It may seem difficult but make it happen. Find good child care and take time for you. From taking classes during this free time to advance a career or just sitting at home to unwind, you need some time.

3. Make a daily routine for you and your child to make things easier, even if it may seem more difficult in the short term, allows your child to be more independent when he or she is able to anticipate what needs to be done.

4. Try to get finances under control. Do what you can to make a budget and maintain a lifestyle within your means. Constant financial problems can cause more stress than almost anything else.

Single parents like Edmour Giguere enjoy caring for their children and have learned how to make the lifestyle work for their family. Sitting down, taking a deep breath, and taking some of these points into consideration can help change your view and make life a little simpler.